Welcome to LMS Clan

Hello and welcome to our clan’s website. Here, you can see allĀ of the new-updates we have, what’s new, who’s new to our clan, who’s accepted, who’s denied and also events and bounties and more.

We don’t love aimbotters, so if you’re one, don’t bother looking at our clan. We’re the best clan out there, that doesn’t even have one aimbotter.

You have to be skilled, pro and smart.

We’re allies with [DIE] clan.

What is partyserver?

Partyserver is a server that is in SA:MP’s collection of servers and one of the best TDM servers which has more than 10 jobs to choose from!

Nice, fun and cool server

HostName: PartyServer (New server) – http://www.partyserver.us
Players: 151 / 468
Ping: 265
Mode: San Fierro: TDM v5.9.4
Map: San Fierro Chaos Zone

This is the best server you could ever imagine.

LMS clan in Partyserver.us

What will I get from seeing this website?

Here you’ll know about:

  • The newest updates to our rules, statics and events.
  • Bounties, hunters and more!

What are you waiting for?

Apply for our clan here.

Check our forums here.